Angela’s jewelry roots trace back more than 40 years to undergraduate and graduate work in Art at SUNY New Paltz.   Her works, exploring design and fabrication in the jewelry and lapidary arts, have been nationally and internationally exhibited and collected.   As an Italian-born American, Angela expresses influences of both cultures in her work.   Her designs have been featured in several magazine and book publications, including Oppi Untracht‘s Jewelry, Concepts and Technologies , Renée Newman’s Pearl Buying Guide, Fred Ward’s Phenomenal Gems, and a JCK cover.  And an Oscar presenter wore one of Angela’s necklace and earring set at the Academy Awards.

Her most current accolades include a 2002 AGTA Cutting Edge 2nd place in the objects of art division and the 2009 Grand Prize in the Headley Whitney Museum Bibelot Design Competition. She is now a juror for subsequent bibelot competitions.

Angela’s floral fantasies often begin with a walk in the woods.  A grandchild spotting a special twig and bringing it to grandma for inspection will start a flood of possible designs.  Finding a fallen leaf during a morning of garden maintenance will contribute an interesting texture.  A bit of seaweed washed ashore after a storm may provide an undulating line.  All pieces begin and end with her interaction with the natural world.

Member: Contemporary Jewelry Design Group